Abbas Attar: A Life Behind the Lens

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Abbas Attar: A Life Behind the Lens

Celebrating 80 Years: Happy Birthday Abbas Attar!

Born in the Lens: Abbas Attar’s Early Years

Iranian photographer Abbas Attar celebrates his 80th birthday today. Happy Birthday!

Born on this day in 1944 in the southeast of Iran, Abbas discovered his passion for photography at an early age before moving to Paris.

Capturing Humanity: Abbas’ Photographic Journey

A Glimpse of the World Through His Camera

Abbas dedicated his work to documenting social developments in developing countries. Over a six-decade career, he documented wars and revolutions in Biafra, Bangladesh, Northern Ireland, Vietnam, and Bosnia. He witnessed the Yom Kippur War in 1973 and apartheid in South Africa.

The Iranian Revolution Through Abbas’ Lens

Between 1978 and 1979, Abbas captured the Iranian Revolution. His visionary work was published in the groundbreaking book “Iran: The Confiscated Revolution.”

Defining Aesthetic: Abbas’ Journey through Mexico

After the revolution, Abbas traveled through Mexico, striving to define his own aesthetic. He photographed the country like a novelist would describe it: an approach that led to the books “Return to Oapan” and “Return to Mexico: Journeys Beyond the Mask.”

Exploring Faith: Religion as the Focus of His Work

In the following years, Abbas documented the major religions of the world, starting with the resurgence of radical Islam in 1987. After September 11, this work took on special significance.

Abbas then documented the consequences in a seven-year journey through 16 Islamic countries. He subsequently photographed Christianity, animism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and ended with Judaism at the time of his death.

Legacy in Images: Abbas’ Enduring Impact

Abbas’ work has been published worldwide. He was a veteran of a renowned photo agency and is considered one of the greatest photographers of all time. His humanistic images inspire future generations to strive for clarity and honesty in understanding our world better.

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