San Francisco 94-year-old Asian woman assault probation sentence news: Outcry Over Probation Sentence for Attacker of 94-Year-Old Asian Woman

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Outcry Over Probation Sentence for Attacker of 94-Year-Old Asian Woman

Community Outrage

In a display of collective outrage, residents of San Francisco gathered outside the Hall of Justice on Friday morning to protest against the probation sentence handed to a man who admitted to assaulting a 94-year-old woman in 2021.

An Unsettling Pattern

The assault on Anh “Peng” Taylor sparked widespread concern, as it was part of a disturbing trend of unprovoked attacks targeting Asian American Pacific Islander seniors during the pandemic.

Questionable Justice

Despite pleading guilty, the perpetrator, 35-year-old Daniel Cauich, was sentenced to probation. However, the sentence remains pending until both parties agree on its terms.

District Attorney Brooke Jenkins, alongside supporters rallying for the victim, denounced the sentence, emphasizing the lack of true justice in cases of violent attacks against seniors.

Community Outcry

“Seeing our seniors brutally assaulted without any real repercussions demands action,” stated Jenkins. “We stand united against such injustices.”

Taylor, who survived the attack outside her Post Street apartment in the Tenderloin neighborhood, symbolizes the vulnerability of elderly members of the community.

Political Backlash

The rally, attended by mayoral candidates Mark Farrell and Daniel Laurie, as well as supervisor Matt Dorsey, turned contentious when counterprotesters accused the event of political exploitation.

Clash of Opinions

Tensions escalated between the opposing groups, requiring intervention from law enforcement to prevent further conflict.

Defending Judicial Decision

Lisa Dewberry, Cauich’s attorney, defended the judge’s decision, citing considerations for her client’s mental state and the implementation of intensive supervision for rehabilitation.

Legal Repercussions

Cauich, who also pleaded guilty to a previous burglary charge, had been awaiting trial for the offense when he assaulted Taylor.

Ongoing Legal Battle

The District Attorney’s office has formally contested the judge’s sentence, leading to a postponement of Friday’s hearing until April 12, with subsequent lawyer consultations scheduled for April 16.


As the case continues to unfold, the community remains divided over the adequacy of the judicial response to such heinous acts of violence against vulnerable members of society.

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