Utah Author Faces Additional Charges of Attempted Murder

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Utah Author Faces Additional Charges of Attempted Murder:

Utah author Kouri Richins, already charged with spiking her husband’s drink with a fatal dose of fentanyl, now faces an additional charge of attempted murder. Prosecutors allege that Richins attempted to poison her husband on Valentine’s Day with a drugged sandwich.

Previous Charges

Richins was arrested last year on charges of aggravated murder after authorities claimed she killed her husband, Eric Richins, in their home in Kamas. Eric Richins, 39, was found unresponsive after consuming a drink to celebrate his wife’s business deal. A medical examiner determined he had five times the lethal dose of non-medical-grade fentanyl in his system.

Alleged Valentine’s Day Incident

According to charging documents filed Monday, Richins had previously drugged her husband. On Valentine’s Day 2022, Eric Richins became severely ill after consuming a sandwich brought by his wife. He texted her, expressing his discomfort and warning of a hospital visit if he didn’t improve. Richins suggested he take a nap, despite not being home at the time.

Suspicious Sandwich

Later that day, Eric Richins informed two close friends that his wife had left him his favorite sandwich from a local diner with a note. He described experiencing hives, prompting him to use his son’s EpiPen and take Benadryl. One friend recalled hearing fear in Eric Richins’ voice, indicating his distress. Eric Richins suspected his wife of attempting to poison him, the charging documents allege.

Opioid Reactions

The documents highlight that opioids, including fentanyl, can induce allergic reactions such as hives. However, Eric Richins had no known food allergies, casting suspicion on the incident.

Additional Charges

In addition to the attempted murder charge, Kouri Richins faces charges of mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, and forgery. Prosecutors claim she was in financial distress prior to her husband’s death and engaged in fraudulent activities to alleviate her situation.

Defense’s Response

Richins’ attorney maintains her innocence, stating they have reviewed the charging documents. Richins remains in custody awaiting trial.

The case continues to unravel as prosecutors build their case against Kouri Richins, painting a picture of betrayal and attempted murder within a seemingly ordinary marriage.

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